Now a day’s people are rushing to a software companies or an IT sectors soon After complication of their education, with or without any knowledge of programming and People thinks that both coding and programming are same right, but there is a lot of difference between those two. like Coding is process which takes place inside the system where as programming is a process of creations which follows certain standards and performing a task. Not only in process when it comes to tools or scope or any skills, they differ from each other.

What I say is , what we Patrice in our college or in learning days is called as coding and its advancement or in the IT sectors, what we do or write is called as programming, may be a productive work. So here we are, let us disuses, how programming and coding differ from each other. Firstly, coding is a part of programming that deals with conversion of programming language into a binary command for the machine understanding, we can just say that translation of required logic into a machine code, it’s a binary code obviously. Code can be written in text editors such as Notepad or WordPad and also, we can use IDE (Integrated Development Environment).In coding one should possess basic knowledge of programming languages like C, C++, java and C# and the expected result is obtained by a set of instructions given to a computer with a piece of code. We can call it as a functional code. whereas programming is the process of creations which follows certain standards and performing a task as I said. In contrast, programming demands analysis and conceptualization of different aspects of any program and finding solutions to any issues that may occur during the process. It also involves critical parameters such as debugging, compiling, testing, and implementation and furthermore it also requires extra tools like code analysis tool, debuggers, GUI, testing frameworks, linkers and many more. A programmer should have specialized degree and experience to write logic, analyse, design and write a complex program. Don’t get confused when it comes to coding and programming, everything is same with slight difference.

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